Welcome to the Jazzelle Stories Series


JazzElle has been a content creator in both video and music since 2007. She has had short documentaries and a music video featured in several international film festivals.

In 2017, while being a film projectionist volunteer at the Santa Cruz International Film Festival, JazzElle saw a film that influenced her direction in writing. The Hollywood director of the film,"Truth, Lies and Agoraphobia", asked her if she was a writer.

JazzElle had been a songwriter for two decades by then. She always believed she would write her life experiences in some form one day.

The Hollywood director JazzElle met at the film festival recommended the book "How to Write a Movie in 21 Days".  JazzElle bought the book and following its prompts - her writing of stories in screenplay format began.

Jazzelle Stories consists of scripted fiction stories based on true life stories. The names, places and scenarios have been adapted for the script. At this time there are two different audio drama series. The new story, "Spellbound", will be officially released February 2022.

The first series, produced in 2021, was "Crown Of Life", where a health challenged couple find themselves uncovering spiritual truths through their unusual experiences. The music soundtracks in both series are produced by JazzElle. 


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