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Grateful for your work!

I am so grateful for your strength and service in sharing this story with us all!

Entertaining and delightful stories of real life!

Interesting life experiences told in a fun story

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Thank you f or all the insights, I love to learn from you!

Awesome show!

Love your show. So many great tips!

I like this Fiction podcast

Great host and supporting hosts provide good value. Love it!

I love it Fiction

Haven’t listened much but you’re awesome on the Life Stories episodes

The best podcast

Your voice is very beautiful. I love it

i Love it

awesome podcast Fiction


love this


Intriguing suspense and often relatable

Crown of Life

I love the Crown of Life series and look forward to every episode. I have a couple of friends who have extreme chemical intolerances and this series has given me a much deeper understanding of what they have to deal with on a daily basis. Many people don’t believe this condition exists, but in knowing 2 people who’s lives have been greatly affected by this disorder, I can say that it not only exists, but I’ve seen over the years how isolating, devastating and debilitating an affect it has had on my friends. Thank you JazzElle for helping me to grasp a deeper understanding of this illness. Many thanks, Lisa on Kauai