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Spellbound Episode 1

A story about a girl looking for love in all the wrong places.

There are often mysterious reasons for the journeys we find ourselves on and the paths we take. The story of "Spellbound" is a story about a dancer who is yearning for love and affection keeps getting cheated on or rejected by men who lust after her, leading her to get to
the bottom of her relationship problems. T

his  first episode of “Spellbound’  weaves a path of chaos in Germayne's life.  There are explicit scenes in this story. It is written for adult listeners only.  One of the eight episodes  will be released consecutively on Thursdays starting Feb. 3rd.  There are eight voice over actors in the first episode. Voice Overs:  Steve - Tom Hill; Julius -  Benjamin Nguyen; Cole - Milo DeFrisco;  Germaynes Dad- Russ Lake; Susie - Kathy D’Angelo;
Joselyn, and Girl in Backseat; Sofia Kosary; Kevin - Peri Paschal
Narrator, Germayne, Rodney, Teacher - JazzElle

I'd like to introduce you to Milagro who is the voice over for Cole, and Benjamin Nguyen the voice over for Julius - their bios are below.

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Benjamin Nguyen Profile Photo

Benjamin Nguyen

Benjamin Nguyen is a third year student studying Psychology and Theater Arts at University of California, Santa Cruz. Born and raised in the Bay Area, he was often involved in his Vietnamese church performances. As a classically trained singer, Ben then participated in choirs and school musical productions. Soon his interest in performance expanded, so he is majoring in Theater Arts to gain more experience in the performing arts. He looks forward to performing and attending shows again after the pandemic. Some of his favorite musicals include RENT and Dear Evan Hansen.

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Voice Actor

Hi there! My name is Milo DeFrisco and I had the pleasure of voicing both Cole and Jarod in Spellbound! I primarily work in the gaming/animation sphere, so working on an audio drama was a nice change of pace! I hope you all enjoy the show, and feel free to contact me about any projects you may be working on!